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Advanced synthesis of organic and inorganic chemicals

Small molecule synthesis

Planning and execution of full syntheses of small organic and organophosphorus molecules.

Conducting skillful retrosynthestic analyses to identify the most adequate methods and starting materials, investigation of various methods and determination of the most appropriate, according to the client's needs or available starting materials.


Long-standing experience in complex syntheses, including dry box manipulations and combinatorial chemistry. Workup, purification and full identification of the desired product.​


Synthesis of polymers, nanoparticles and gels

Preparation of polymers using various procedures: radical polymerization and stepwise polymer synthesis in aqueous or organic media.


Preparation of nanoparticles in an array of geometries, including surface functionalization. Gel synthesis according to specific needs (peelable gels, gelling of aqueous solutions, thixotropic materials). Design and preparation of multifunctional films and coatings. ​