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Life Science Research Israel Ltd. (LSRI)

Life Science Research Israel Ltd. is a governmental company, the commercial arm of the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR). ​Established in 1979, LSRI established its commercialization of IIBR's novel technologies, scientific achievements and facilities in all forms of collaboration, R&D services, joint ventures, granting rights of use to public and private companies all over the world.  

LSRI established the Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU) that provides services of air sampling for a wide range of clients in Israel. The measurements are performed according to the requirements of the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection. The main areas of activity involve development of biologically-active compounds, organic synthesis and scale-up, development and validation of analytical methods, pharmacological testing of chemicals and development of animal models.

LSRI is certified for the Quality Management Standard ISO-9001 and for the Environment Management Standard ISO-14001 by the Standards Institution of Israel Th​e Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU) is certified for Iso/Iec 17025 by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority. The central nervous system (CNS) group of LSRI invented and developed small molecules as a basis for .CNS neurodegenerative diseases​

LSRI invented and developed an ethical Drug (code AF102B) for treatment of several CNS neurodegenerative diseases and licensed the patent to Snow Brand, Japan. In 2000 the FDA approved the drug for treatment of Sjogren’s Syndrome. The drug is marketed under patent protection as an ethical drug in the USA and Japan by Daiichi Sankyo company under the brand name of Evoxac in USA and Cevimeline in Japan.

The CNS group of LSRI invented and developed two additional ethical drugs (code: AF267B and AF292) for the treatment of several CNS neurodegenerative diseases and Licensed the patent and rights to TPTX (USA), and R&D of LSRI together with TPTX.

LSRI Licensed the rights to Neuroscience Optimized Solutions, Austria to develop these drugs including filing new patent application(s) based on crystal forms.

The CNS group of LSRI invented and developed other ethical drugs, including the lead compound AF710B, for treatment of several CNS neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease. LSRI licensed the patent and rights to use to Anavex, USA which obtained orphan drug status for AF710B (AV-3-71) from the FDA for the treatment of frontotemporal dementia disease (FTD).

LSRI operates the Israeli National Reference Centers for Rickettsioses and Leptospirosis, that belong to the Department of Infectious Diseases, responsible for nation-wide monitoring of the Gram-negative obligate intracellular bacterial pathogens Coxiella burnetii, Rickettsia, Ehrlichia and Leptospira interrogans.The Centers provide diagnostic services to Israeli hospitals including: serology tests, PCR and isolation for each of these pathogens.

A novel gelling agent for hypochlorite bleach (thixotropic hypochlorite) was developed at the Organic Chemistry Department of IIBR. LSRI is responsible for the marketing of this agent, and is reviewing various potential collaborations and rights granting with commercial companies in Israel and worldwide. This agent is easy to spray and sticks to walls and ceilings. 

IIBR has developed a series of novel organic compounds containing multi-active chlorine moieties, which are suitable for insertion into polymeric matrices (paints, coatings, protective sheets, etc.) for the purpose of the degradation of toxic chemicals and mold. Potential Applications are: Paints, protective sheets and coatings. The physical protection group at IIBR specializes in sorption and filtration processes. A working group has been established in order to perform filtration system routine tests and evaluations. LSRI developed three antibody-based therapeutics against chemical and biological threat agents. LSRI has filed IP applications for these antibodies, both in the US and in Israel.​​