The nervous system

 ​​Neurological insults

We implement extensive research of the immediate and long-term brain damage induced by nerve agents and other toxic compounds. Based on the characterization of the immediate and long term injury, we evaluate the potential pharmacological treatments ​

administered either prophylactically or at various time post-exposure, to eliminate or minimize brain pathology. Methods include:

  • Biochemical and molecular analysis of neuronal enzyme activity, inflammatory markers in neurons and glia, cytokines and more. 

  • Evaluation of tissue damage through histology, histochemistry and immune- 

  • Histochemistry. 

  • Receptor density (Bmax) and affinity (KD) evaluation.

  • Continuous tethered electroencephalography (EEG)  and telemetry

  • Microdialysis of neurotransmitters

  • Behavioral tests

pic3000.pngImmunofluorescence labeling of neurons and glial populations in the rat brain