Analytical Center

​R&D at the center is conducted using state-of-the-art technologies and assisted by active collaborations with leaders in the fields of organic and medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, biology and environmental sciences.

The center provides high quality complete analytical solutions for detection, identification and quantitation of target compounds, as well as screening for "unknowns", including "OMICS" approaches. Analytes differ in their properties, gases up to non-volatiles and thermolabiles, polar ​to non-polar organic compounds, from various matrices. The center develops full and validated analytical methods, from sampling through sample preparation to instrumental analysis and data processing protocols.

Environmental Research

The center develops ultra-sensitive methods for analysis of target compounds from diverse environmental matrices such as air, water, soil, asphalt, concrete, etc. Methodological R&D is aimed at achieving sensitive detection and identification of trace amounts of target and unknown pollutants, applying unique capabilities of environment sampling followed by lab sample treatments and validated analysis methods. We provide analytical support in field tests both indoors and outdoors for highly sensitive detection and quantitation of pesticides, explosives and industrial pollutants, monitoring also in high throughput applications, such as environmental fate experiments, stability tests, kinetic profiles and more. 

Bioanalytical Research

Our R&D activity encompasses development of methodologies for sensitive trace detection, identification and reliable quantitation of therapeutic drugs and peptidic toxins, with their related metabolites in physiological media and body tissues, allowing for broadening of their diagnostic time window. We establish highly sensitive mass spectrometry (MS) assays for toxin exposure diagnosis, a comprehensive approach for Tox-Screen in body fluids and drugs pharmacokinetics in clinical trials involving high throughput applications. 

Analytical Center

Center Instrumentation

The analytical center is equipped with diverse GC-MS and LC-MS technologies: 

The gas chromatography (GC) section contains GCs with a wide range of specific detectors (NPD, FPD, ECD, FID, PFPD), gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS) using EI, CI or NICI ionization techniques, uniquely coupled online with the specific detectors. Multi-purpose samplers (MPS) coupled with GC and GC/MS for headspace gas injections, solid phase micro extraction (SPME) and LVI applications for enhanced sensitivities. Thermal desorption (TD) sample insertion coupled online with GC/MS and specific detectors and tandem mass spectrometry (GC/MS/MS) for high specificity and structure elucidation. 

The Liquid chromatography (LC) section includes High resolution LC–Orbitrap MS and LC-QTOF-MS instruments for informative accurate mass measurement. High-End performance LC – triple Quadrupole and Qtrap mass spectrometry allowing sensitive targeted MRM analysis, utilizing electrospray (ESI) or atmospheric pressure c​hemical ionization (APCI) as well as atmospheric pressure photoionization (APPI) ionization techniques.​​