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Topical Skin Protectant (TSP) patent

A topical skin protectant (TSP), IB1, which prevents the penetration of toxic agents (TICS) and warfare agents such as sulfur mustard and VX through the skin and thus confers a highly efficient protection against the hazard they pose (Kadar et al., 2003; Ophir et al., 2016; Dachir et al., 2017), was developed at the IIBR (Dept. of Pharmacology in collaboration with Dept. of Organic Chemistry). The TSP was registered in Israel, Europe and USA. The preparation was shown to be safe in preclinical and phase I studies (Eisenkraft et al., 2009), it was registered and approved by the Israel Ministry of Health as DERMO-STYX protective solution and it is now being commercially produced by a pharmaceutical company (Rekah Pharm, Israel). 

DERMO-STYX is based on a mixture of magnesium sulfate and glycerin, ingredients that are widely used in cosmetics and in medicine. It is absorbed into the stratum corneum and remains there without further absorption into the circulation.

DERMO-STYX reduces the size and severity of skin lesions following vesicants exposure, prevents VX intoxication, ameliorates clinical symptoms of parathion, acrolein (Papite) and chloropicrin intoxications.

The barrier properties of DERMO-STYX are immediate upon application and remain effective for at least 12 hrs.

The expected use of DERMO-STYX is by application mainly on sensitive skin areas (armpits, groin, waist, wrists), when necessary (before exposure). 

It is easily applied on the skin and removed by rinsing with water, it is compatible with common decontamination doctrine (Fuller earth) and a quantity of 10-15gr is sufficient for one application covering approximately 20% of the body surface. ​