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AF267B - drug development for Alzheimer disease

IIBR's CNS Project - Small molecules development

IIBR's CNS group invented and developed an additional of two chemical molecules:  AF267B and AF292 that can be used as a basis for the development of an ethical drug aiming to treat CNS neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Second Generation: Development of a chemical molecule AF267B (NI004).
  • In 2017 - Licensing the rights to an Austrian company, for the development of these drugs, including filing new patent application based on crystal forms and other ideas.

  • In 2019 - A patent approval by the European Patent Office.
  • In 2022 - Completion of Phase I study as part of the drug development for Alzheimer disease.
  • In 2023 - Phase II study, as part of drug development for Alzheimer disease.​