Respiratory protection


  • Our main interest is the study of protection efficacy of personal filters, collective-protection filters and gas masks against chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial contaminants and environmental pollutants under experimental conditions that simulate realistic challe​nges.

  • Study of adsorption mechanisms of vapors and gases on impregnated activated carbon and innovative adsorbents. 

  • Evaluation of the protection factors of gas masks and personal hoods throughout the execution of standard physical activities in an aerosol exposure chamber.

  • Development and assessment of theoretical and semi-empirical models for estimation of protection efficiency.

  • Mechanism of aging and its impact on the service life of protective equipment.

  • Development of reactive nano-based sorbents and catalysts for imparting self-decontamination properties onto collective and personal protective equipment.

  • Design and construction of tailor-made instrumentation and methods for testing protective equipment.

  • Scientific and technological consulting for projects concerning development and procurement of protective equipment.


  • A national​ laboratory and supportive services for the use of highly toxic chemicals as test agents. 

  • Technologies for surface characterization including thermal analysis, adsorption/desorption isotherms and spectroscopy. 

  • Optimized flow systems (developed in-house) for dynamic adsorption of hazardous and highly-toxic vapors and gases on porous adsorbent beds.

  • A controlled-atmosphere corn-oil aerosol exposure chamber, including a multi-light scattering detector setup, for the simultaneous evaluation of the protection efficiency of up to four subjects.​

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