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Antibiogram Lab

Development of antibiotic susceptibility tests and evaluation of treatments against various pathogens

​Due to the lack of effective and safe vaccines for the prevention and treatment of various bacterial diseases, antibiotics are still considered as the main ​strategy for prophylaxis and treatment. The growing incidence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria highlights the fact that antibiotic treatment should not rely only on identification of the causative agent but rather be based on the antimicrobial susceptibility testing results of the bacteria isolated from the patient. 

We specialize in:​

  1. Proficiency in standard antimicrobial susceptibility tests. 
  2. Development of cutting-edge and rapid methods for antimicrobial susceptibility tests through the use of advanced molecular tools. 
  3. Design of new strategies for antibiotic treatments.
  4. Evaluation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of various antibiotics in various routes of administration.
  5. Development of in-vivo models for the evaluation of the tested antibiotics.
  6. Development of in-culture models for the evaluation of intracellular activities of the tested antibiotics.
  7. Development of phage-based diagnostic and treatm​ent strategies.
Rapid antibiotics susceptibility test using moleculars biomarkers