Environmental Projects

Green Environment Sustainability

As part of the environmental policy of the Institute and as part of the Institute's commitment to continuous environmental improvement according to the ISO 14001 standard, the treatment of waste and by-products is conducted in a prioritized manner with a three-stage approach:​

Reduce > Reuse> Recycle.

All waste at the Institute is separated and treated according to the aforementioned approach.


  • Household waste ("wet") – discarded in the licensed site (through the Municipality of Nes Tziona)

  • Tree trimming - discarded in an authorized site that performs separation and recycling (through the Municipality of Nes Tziona)

  • Paper waste and cartons - delivered to an approved recycling service provider

  • Plastic products - are transferred to an authorized recycling corporation​

  • Electronic equipment and batteries (computers / equipment, etc.) - are transferred to a licensed corporation for treatment and recycling​.​

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