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ETKfive Explosive Testing, Detection and Identification Kit

A highly sensitive, simple, rapid, precise and reliable portable micro-laboratory for the detection and identification of explosives. 

Successful use by the Israeli as well as international police, security forces and border patrols.


  • Detection of persons engaged in preparing, handling or carrying explosives. 
  • Detection of surfaces having had contact with explosives 
  • Identification of five main classes of explosives including improvised peroxide based materials.  

Operational features

  • Simplicity: designed for non-expert.  
  • Compactness: weighs ~ 400 gr. (16 oz). The mini Kit version can fit a pocket. 
  • Environment & Safety: safe for both operator and suspect. No effect on the ozone level.
  • Long Shelf life: 1 year shelf life, once opened, the reagents are stable for 2 weeks (at 25oC)

Specific capabilities

  • Full range of identification of known military and improvised explosives 
  • Test sensitivity: 

Group A: TNT, Tetryl, TNB, picric acid and its salts = 0.1-1 g

Group B: Dynamite, RDX, PETN, nitrocellulose smokeless powder, C4, SEMTEX= 0.01-0.1 g

Group C: Nitrate salts = 0.01 g

Group D: Chlorates = 10 g

Group E: TATP = 10 g  ​

  • No interference with other forensic tests such as fingerprinting
  • No false alarms!
  • Rapid results within a few seconds. 

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