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Point Detection and Identification in the Field

IIBR has over 60 years of experience in the field, and draws on specialized expertise as well as its unique facilities. R&D and evaluation of point detection devices are performed in closed chambers simulating actual environmental conditions using live chemical warfare agents (CWA) or other hazardous materials, as well as interfering materials.

The performance of point detection devices and detectors, as well as evaluation of detection sensitivity and selectivity, are among the issues routinely addressed.

Main activities:

  • Evaluation of point detection devices in closed chambers simulating real environmental conditions for CWA and hazardous materials. 

  • Development and evaluation of air and surface sampling methods for use in the field. 

  • Development of field detection methodologies based on photoacoustic, IMS, XRF, MS, RAMAN, SERS, FTIR, and chemiresistor (CR) techniques.

  • Development of algorithms for spectral detection.

  • Development and evaluation of portable colorimetric detection kits for classical CWA, hazardous materials, drugs, and explosives. 


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