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Field and indoor experiments and measurement campaigns

Extensive and sophisticated field campaigns are conducted in a variety of scenarios ranging from large open and urban areas, down to small confined spaces with the following objectives:

  • Evaluation of transport, diffusion and meteorological models
  • Studying aerosol dynamics in the atmosphere
  • Development and evaluation of sensors under realistic conditions.

This is achieved via the controlled release of inert atmospheric tracers of all types and in all physical states and phases (gas, aerosols droplets or solids) while recording all relevant m​eteorological parameters (temperature, humidity, wind speed profile, pressure an​d more).

We use state-of-the-art measurement equipment including:

  • Meteorological monitoring: Wind lidar, ceilometer, radiosoundings,​ sonic anemometers, a tethered balloon, temperature probes, masts, etc., and the ability for real-time data transfer.
  • Sophisticated tracer release and sampling devices. 

Since we perform experiments for a wide range of applications, agility and flexibility are part of our nature. This flexibility is achieved by developing several generic methods for tracer​s and aerosols releases, sampling while collecting relevant meteorological data, and displa​ying it in real-time to the client.​

Movie: Fog cloud identification and surveillance

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